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Adult Acne and How I Manage It


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Adult Acne … that is my problem

Now, I Manage My Adult Acne With My Skincare Routine and My Results Are Glowing. This Could Be You, If…

  • Do you have acne on the lower part of your face? Most commonly acne that appears around the mouth or on the jawline?
  • ​Is your acne fewer in number, but sometimes a larger blemish that may or may not pop? You can feel it’s under there and often gets bigger.
  • Do you experience enlarged pores? 
  •  Do you have a few pimples, but those reoccur every month?
  • ​Are you over the age of 30 and also needing to address the visible signs of aging?

If You Have Answered YES To Any Of The Above Questions, Then YOU Too Are Likely Battling Adult Acne. Click Find Your Skincare Solution below to take the quiz. This 2-minute quiz will help you find the right products and routine for your skincare goals.

start here and find your perfect skincare solution with this 2-minute quiz

What is Acne?

Did you know that genetics, hormone levels, and stress can spike acne at any age?

  • ​Acne occurs when those dead skin cells block or clog pores creating an environment where oxygen cannot get into the pore and bacteria quickly reproduce becoming active
  • When your hormones fluctuate ic can cause an increase in oil production that combines with dirt and dead skin cells to block your pores
  •  Once your pores are blocked or clogged it causes a decrease in oxygen into the skin which is what causes a surge of bad bacteria throwing your skin out of whack! 
  • ​This imbalance is actually what causes your skin to react with inflammation, triggering the start of the ACNE CYCLE and the formation of acne below the surface of your skin.  
  • ​The RESULT is inflammation and infection that leads to various levels of acne.  The acne severity is based on one’s unique skin.

Did You Know Acne Can Take Many Forms, Such As:

  • BLACKHEADS – clogged pore that is open to the air and the oil becomes oxidized (causing it to turn “grey or black” or dark in appearance.
  • WHITEHEADS – clogged pore that is closed with skin cells covering (non-oxidized environment)
  • PAPULES or PUSTULES – (raised, red/yellow bumps) closed, clogged pores where bacteria has entered and inflammation results and begins to spread
  • ​NODULES (larger, deeper bumps) – closed, clogged pores where bacteria proliferates and inflammation is present 
  • ​CYSTIC ACNE (large, red, painful bumps that often spread; also very deep in skin) – closed, clogged pores where bacteria proliferates and inflammation forms and often spreads

So, What’s My Story? 

Before starting these products three years ago, I was the one answering yes to all of the questions above. I didn’t consider myself “having acne,” because I thought “acne” were only those who suffered from cystic acne.

Then, I learned that I, in fact, had acne.  I had hormonal, stress acne that reoccured every month.  The acne was brought on by spikes in my hormone levels and stress.  

I was at my breaking point. I was in my thirties and felt like my skin had never looked so bad in all my life!

Then, I found a before/after picture on Facebook.For 25 years, I had been using top line skin and makeup products behind the department store counter, YET, my skin still looked terrible.

I was ready to start… so I reached out to the girl on Facebook who posted that picture and simply said “I need whatever she was using for my skin.” AND, no I didn’t know this girl. BUT, I knew she had something that I was desperate to try.


Fast forward … {after my products arrived}…I’ll never forget the morning of Day 9 on the UnBlemish Regimen three years ago. I was looking in the mirror and realized… this was the first time in my thirties I didn’t have a blemish on my face! I had always had the same 3 blemishes reoccur on my face each month. 2 on my chin area and 1 on my hairline.

You guys, it HIT ME LIKE A TON OF BRICKS. It wasn’t working! I was paying to cover my face. Buying products to cover up my face and blemishes rather than addressing my skincare issues. I realized then, I NEEDED PRODUCTS that were going to address my specific skin concern … Adult Acne.

Jennifer two year before and after with skincare regimen

I created the Grown-Up Solution for Adult Acne download just for you. You get my exact skincare routine, products I love and a special discount bonus inside. You can grab my free download.

Download the Grown-Up Solution for Adult Acne.

I sell these products because I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and feel so embarrassed by what I see. These products are an investment. But, for me, these products truly were life changing. I can look in the mirror and feel confident in my own skin. 

I love helping others who have been where I have been emotionally and see the transformation. Not only the transformation in their physical appearance and change, but also the emotional transformation that happens when you feel confident and beautiful in your own skin.

If you are living with an emotional story … maybe it’s acne, or sensitivity. Possibly you have a skin condition similar to mine. Whatever the issue might be, I would be delighted to help you find a solution. These products are developed by two world renowned dermatologists and come with a 60 day guarantee. 


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