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How To Burn Fat The Smart Way


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My Journey to burn FAT started this year on January 6th. My journey to be better and share all things on my journey that encompass all aspects of beauty, health and wellness.

I have dieted and tried everything, so this year, I decided that I was going to do things on this journey that I could sustain. 

After multiple surgeries over the last 4-5 years and at the age of 43, I feel like my metabolism has shut off. I am carry more weight in my belly, boobs, back and legs than ever before.

Right now, for example, my schedule doesn’t lend itself for 40-minute workouts, so I have decided to track my steps. I am trying to maintain a healthy step count in addition to my calorie intake. Although, I am not counting calories… so lean in to hear what I am doing now to burn fat.

Burn Fat The Smart Way

Today, I want to share specifically what I am doing to burn fat. 

I started with Activate, which is a 3-day cleanse. Activate is a natural botanical blend that includes Aloe Vera. It works to eliminate toxins and restore digestive energy 3 days a month. My first night, I was nervous to try this cleanse. If I can be honest, well it’s because I didn’t want to pooping all day the next day. 

Activate is simple. I mix it with 8 oz of water, shake it up good and drink it up fast right before bedtime. 

  • It’s green. 
  • Activate tastes like plant.
  • I don’t like the taste.
  • The product is gentle and green when it comes out the other end.
  • Yes, it works and it makes me feel awesome!

Burn and Trim

I start my morning at 6:15 am. When I wake up, I take one BURN capsule with a big gulp of water. Then, I grab a tablespoonful of Chocolate Trim.  

The BURN is plant-derived too. It helps me increase my metabolism and burns fat. I have actually also noticed reduced cravings and increased energy. Trim is like a spoonful of brownie batter. So, does it get better than that? Trim promotes youthful skin and accelerates fat reduction. If you want to know all of the ingredients and benefits, you can click the links to read more.

Luckily, these three products: Activate, Burn and Trim are sold together and work together as the Lean Body Sculpting System (LBSS). In addition to the LBSS, I am trying to tackle my carbs.

Block Carbs

One of my biggest downfalls is carbs. It’s hard for me to kick carbs when trying to stay on track so I am using Carb Blockers to help me attack carbs. I take 2-3 capsules of Carb Blocker right before my largest carb meal. The Carb Blockers delays the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. 

Although I am not currently exercising, I have been very conscious of my food intake. Trying to eat lighter meals at lunch like a salad or small Weight Watchers Smart One meals. 

I am also experiencing less food cravings. I am trying to drink more than 80 oz of water everyday. And, I have replaced my daily Diet Mountain Dew at 10:45 or 11:00 with a BURN for energy. So that means I have not had a pop since January 6th.


Results after my first 18 days

I took all of my before pictures when I started the Modere products. In addition to my pictures, I took my measurements. My measurements are important. When you talk about burning fat, you want to focus on inches gone, not what the scale reads.  

My measurements on January 6th:

  • Bust 43”
  • Butt 40”
  • Belly Button 40”
  • Left Leg 24 ¼”
  • Right Leg 23 ½”
  • Left Arm 14 ¼”
  • Right Arm 13 ¾”

My measurements on January 24th (after 18 days):

  • Bust 41 ½”
  • Butt 39 ¼”
  • Belly Button 38 ¾”
  • Left Leg 23 ¼”
  • Right Leg 23”
  • Left Arm 13”
  • Right Arm 13″

My INCHES lost after 18 days:

  • Bust 1.5”
  • Butt .75”
  • Belly Button 1.25”
  • Left Leg 1.0”
  • Right Leg .5”
  • Left Arm 1.25”
  • Right Arm .75″
  • TOTAL of 7 inches GONE

This is 1” gone every 2 days. I will take this for FAT BURN! This is how I am burning fat the smart way.

How I burn fat the smart way with these Modere products
One spoonful of Trim

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