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Looking For The Appearance of Lush, Longer, Darker-Looking Lashes?


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Are you looking for the appearance of lush, longer, darker-looking lashes? I was looking for beautiful lashes. Who doesn’t want the appearance of longer, darker, fuller lashes? 

I quickly added this Lash Serum to my skincare routine, which includes UnBlemish and Reverse regimens.

What if I could help you get the look you are dreaming of?

ENHANCEMENTS Lash Boost is a nightly conditioning serum with the ability to help lashes look longer, fuller and darker. With long term, continuous use, you won’t be the only one who notices. People will be asking about your lash secret.

What does Enhancements Lash Boost do?

  • Helps you achieve the appearance of longer, darker-looking lashes
  • Gives you the appearance of fuller-looking lashes
  • Improves the appearance of brittle and thin lashes
  • Boosts softness, elasticity and shine

One Swipe. Every Night to Moisturize, Nourish and Protect

  • Panthenol and Sodium Hyaluronate attract moisture to the lash, promoting flexibility and resilience.
  • Biotin & Keratin infuse protein to help protect against future damage.
  • Peptides provide nutrition to the lashes, enhancing durability and supporting a more voluminous appearance

But, What About My Eyebrows?

Absolutely, ENHANCEMENTS Lash Boost can be applied to eyebrows to help them appear healthier-looking and more beautiful. You simply apply Lash Boost nightly to clean and dry eyebrows. But, do not wash your face after you apply Lash Boost to your eyebrows.

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My Before & After

My before and after picture below shows me before I started using Rodan + Fields skincare. I am obsessed with the eyes and lashes because it is a perfect way to enhance your skincare routine.

I religiously use the Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream. I had no idea that I could use eye cream in my 30s. But, you can noticeably see the difference with my fine lines, between my eyes and my lids.

In addition, I am obsessed with the Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex. I seriously mean obsessed. I add this tic tac size amount under each of my eyes for dark circles, puffiness and added luminous look.

My Before and After

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