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5 Reasons Why Keeping Hydrated is Crucial to Your Health


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Keeping hydrated is crucial for your health and well-being.  So, what’s the big deal? Why on earth am I doing a Gallon Challenge every Monday? It’s simple. But, more importantly, it’s necessary to help improve your well-being.

So, friends, I am sharing with you today, exactly why I choose the #gallonchallenge every Monday and how you can also improve your health and well-being in joining me in this simple challenge. I am not a doctor, but taking in more water is not rocket science.  

Your Body Needs Water

Yup. Look it up. Your body is made up of 60% water. Your body needs water for various reasons, such as creating saliva and mucus. It helps you break down the food and keeps your mouth healthy. Water aids in the lubrication of joints, which helps you enjoy more physical activity. 

Not sure you can drink more water? Add Lemon Essential Oil to your water. Adding Lemon drops to your water adds a more refreshing taste and is so much better for you than a sugary pop or energy drink. The Lemon oil also cleanses the body naturally and aids in digestion.

Water Helps Fight Illness

As a woman in my 40s, I now have a few health issues. I struggle with constipation. Most of the time, it is one extreme or the other and not much in between. Yup. there you go. I just put that out there for the world too. But, what I have noticed is that when I am intaking more water, my body feels better and I am less likely to have those issues.  

The other health issue for me is hypertension (high blood pressure). My guess is my high blood pressure is caused by a little bit of everything. From stress, genetics, bad eating habits, sedentary work life, and more. So, I know that consuming more water will help me improve these issues.

Water Flushes Wastes From Your Body

I chose to do the Gallon Challenge on Mondays for a reason. Often times weekends are when we give ourselves a “day off.” I may consume alcohol, eat a piece of pizza, consume candy at the kids’ games and all other things I shouldn’t eat or drink. So, Mondays are my day to flush the toxins from my body.

And, if I can drink an entire gallon, I feel like it really makes me feel better, less sluggish and more energy for the week. By drinking 128 oz, I know that is more than ½ my body weight. Which, then, leads me to my next point.

Join me in GLOW every Monday for our #GallonChallenge .

Join Me In GLOW From Within

In Glow, my hope is that we will inspire each other on a journey to wellness.  Life is hard. So let’s help each fill our lives with more positive things — feeling happy, healthy, socially connected, and purposeful. 

To help us fill our lives with more positive things — feeling happy, healthy, socially connected, and purposeful. 

What is shared Glow From Within? Educational tips, products and stories of beauty, health and wellness.


Research supports drinking half your body weight in water per day helps you lose more weight

You know what I noticed when I drank a gallon of water on a Monday? It was really easy for me to drink it again the next day. Can I do the gallon challenge everyday? Not, yet, but I know I will keep challenging myself each week. By challenging myself each week, I am now consuming more water daily.  And, guess what? I have the weight to lose!

Water Helps Boost Skin Health and Beauty

So we all hear it, but how does hydration help your skin? Dehydrated skin causes premature wrinkling. Adequate water consumption helps keep your skin hydrated and may help collagen production. BUT, that alone doesn’t prevent aging.

I purposefully use skincare products that also work to hydrate my skin. Water is important for your skin, but it’s not enough. I add these products every day for hydration:

  • Active Hydration Body Replenish by Rodan + Fields. I absolutely love it and drench my skin in it (bye bye lotion.)
  • I also use the Active Hydration Serum for my face by Rodan + Fields. This product raises my skin hydration levels 200% for a consistent 8 hour day. It the product that gives me that glow, dewy look to my skin.
  • The other go-to hydration product I use every single day is the Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex, also by Rodan + Fields. This product specifically targets the thin area of skin around my eyes and hydrates that dry skin area.  Added bonus, no more under eye puffiness, dark circles or tired eyes.

If You Have Answered YES To Any Of The Above Questions, Then YOU Too Are Likely Battling Adult Acne. Click Find Your Skincare Solution below to take the quiz. This 2-minute quiz will help you find the right products and routine for your skincare goals.

So, friends, here are three things you can start doing today. You can join me in the Gallon Challenge in my Glow Community on Facebook. Then, start carrying a water bottle with you wherever you go. Finally, keep track of your water intake, so you can pace yourself to get to your ideal water consumption each day. 


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