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My Emotional Story Living With Vitiligo


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Most of you would never know my emotional story living with vitiligo.  Vitiligo is a skin condition that results in loss of pigment causing white patches of skin. Although most people do not know I have this skin condition, it has been an emotional story for me that has impacted me for most of my life.

I started to notice the patches as a young adult in Middle School.  For a young, almost teenage girl, already experiencing so many body changes like hormones, emotional and physical body changes, this was incredibly emotional. I was different. My body was different. Vitiligo doesn’t only affect your face, but your entire body of skin. 

Vitiligo is Asymmetrical

With no explanation, this skin condition is asymmetrical. So, when a white patch appears on my body on one side, it will appear again at some point on the other side as a mirror image or asymmetrical. 

Growing up, I saw several dermatologists and each time I was told the same thing. “There is no cure for this skin condition. You can cover it up with makeup or topical creams to mask it, but it will not go away.”

Treatment Options

Other treatment options were sunscreen, to prevent the skin from losing pigment and burning. Bleaching my skin to lighten my normal skin to the white patch to make a more even color. To which my response to all of those, were no way. Other than the sunscreen. Sunscreen is so important in my life now, but I didn’t realize this early on.

Covering up my body was the ultimate decision. I was far too embarrassed to let others see the patches of white skin that progressively got worse over the years.  But, I desperately wanted to do more for my face. The circles of white patches around my eyes were getting larger. I felt like I looked like a raccoon. 

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The Perfect Solution That Changed My Life

Then, Rodan + Fields Reverse Brightening and Lightening came into my life.  I started with 60 days of Reverse Brightening. The Reverse Brightening helped to give my face a brighter, more even complexion. I knew it was not curing the Vitiligo, but it certainly was giving me a more even complexion so the white vitiligo patches were barely noticeable.

From years of sun damage in my teens and 20s, I didn’t realize that the sun was actually making my vitiligo worse than ever before. The darker my skin tanned, the bigger the white patches got. Since this is an autoimmune disease, which caused loss of pigmentation, when my pigment got darker in one area, it pulled pigment from another – causing even more white patches.

Then, I started the Reverse Lightening Regimen. Reverse Lightening was able to help lighten the dark marks, patches and reverse the sun damage. The change has been incredibly emotional for me.

Sharing The Products

I sell these products because I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and feel so embarrassed by what I see. These products are an investment. But, for me, these products truly were life changing. I can look in the mirror and feel confident in my own skin. 

I love helping others who have been where I have been emotionally and see the transformation. Not only the transformation in their physical appearance and change, but also the emotional transformation that happens when you feel confident and beautiful in your own skin.

If you are living with an emotional story … maybe it’s acne, or sensitivity. Possibly you have a skin condition similar to mine. Whatever the issue might be, I would be delighted to help you find a solution. These products are developed by two world renowned dermatologists and come with a 60 day guarantee.  

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To help us fill our lives with more positive things — feeling happy, healthy, socially connected, and purposeful. 

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