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Blow up your Pinterest traffic with Photos of YOU!

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Looking to blow up your Pinterest traffic? When Jennifer Burkhart introduced me to her method “Create Photos of You – Stand Out on Social Media” to increase Pinterest traffic, I knew I had to try it.

Last fall, I took a leap in my business and got real brand photos taken… Of myself! It was like a senior picture session for an adult. It was fun and awkward all at the same time, but I’m so glad I had it done.

Once I started using the images on my website and in my marketing graphics… It was like a fire was lit inside of me. It totally transformed the way I look at my business. It’s ALL ME! And I love it.

So when my biz friend, Jennifer introduced me to her method called “Create Photos of You – Stand Out on Social Media!” I knew I had to give it a shot.

(Photos of you?!! Yes you! You are an amazing person that your audience can’t wait to connect with!)

So today wanted to pop into you inbox today before we get wrapped up in the weekend… (It’s Friday in case you’ve lost track of the days…I actually had a thought cross my mind that I should by day-of-the-week undies since I never know what day it is anymore!) to share a super fun and POWERFUL design resource with you that help you increase your Pinterest traffic!

Pins Designed With “Create Photos of You”

I spent all morning creating some new pins using this method and I am loving the result!

Here are a handful of pins that I just created using this method…

Design Pinterest Pins with pictures of you

I literally squealed. eeeeek!

Using photos of yourself will give your brand that know-like-trust factor that any online business needs to succeed, along with TONS of click to your website from Pinterest! Who doesn’t want Pinterest traffic? It’s fun to see the person behind the pin and this is a brand new technique that not many people are using.

Check out Jennifer’s stats on her pins when she implemented this method:

Pinterest stats for pin

And guess what?!

Jennifer packaged up all of the instructions into an easy-to-follow guide so you can learn how to create magnetically attracting photos of you for only $7!


Let me know if you grabbed it and I’d love to see your pins or other graphics with photos of you!

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I help women entrepreneurs use Pinterest to drive traffic to their websites, generate client leads, and convert visitors into paying customers.



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Use Pinterest to drive traffic leads to your website, generate client leads, and convert visitors into paying customers.


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As a course creator for Pinterest, and using my Pin to Profit Method, I help you drive traffic to your websites, generate client leads, and convert visitors into paying customers.

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