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My Favorite Natural and Organic Body Products


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Health and well-being is a choice we get to make each day. These handcrafted products are natural and organic. And, the creator loves essential oils as much as I do.

Essential oils can benefit your body, mind and emotional well-being in many ways.

As part of my journey to the perfect wellness routine, you will hear me diffusing more essential oils in my life. With that said, I have also now found true beauty products that are handcrafted from “seed to soul” that are natural and organic.

Body Lotion Bar

It’s your moment for pure, nourishing immersion. Handcrafted with farm fresh beeswax & wildcrafted herbs. Soft skin for days. Just look at you now. You had me at days.

The Body Lotion Bar comes in the Body Bundle. I highly recommend the bundle because you can try the Body Method and SAVE.

My thighs kiss. I use the Body Lotion Bar right there on both sides of my thighs and I love it. I use this every night after my shower and when I get up in the morning.

The Body Lotion Bar

Ritual Cleansing Bars Natural and Organic

There’s nothing like a soft cleansing of the body & soul. It’s always good to be reminded that hope can be found in the simplest of things… even this little treasure you hold in your hands. So go ahead and soak in all of life’s goodness. Both have all natural and organic ingredients.

Both of these Ritual Cleansing Bars are amazing. The Ritual Cleansing Bar Lavender and Colloidal Oat soothes and gently cleanses. You can find a list of the ingredients with the link. The Ritual Cleansing Bar Bloom that sustains balance and will have you at hmmmm and ahhhh.


The Balms are the Bomb

I use all of these balms and these are the bomb!

Suffering from migraines is no fun. When I feel the beginning of a migraine, I now reach for the Headache Balm first. I feel instant relief and it helps me feel better faster. Now, it doesn’t cure a migraine, but it certainly helps me find relief before it starts.

Sleep Balm is literally my eight year-olds favorite product. She loves the smell and before she even knows it, she is falling into dreamland. We both have a nightly ritual in the bathroom. We roll a bit on our hands, rub together and then breathe in … again and again. Absolutely the most calming feeling.


It only take a little bit of Muscle Balm to start feeling a balance of warm soothing and a cooling sensation.. Smells like Grandma’s house, but it works.

Cold, allergies, runny nose? Then, you must try the Breathe Balm. No more discomfort and stuffiness.

Not sure how to find your optimal oil? 10 quick questions …

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