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The Beginning of Becoming HER: The Her Effect


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The Beginning of Becoming Her: The Her Effect … Doesn’t there always seem to be that one moment in time … that one photo… one movie… or one sermon… that ignites our WANT to become better.

For me it was hearing this woman’s journey, her opportunity, and her words…  at the right moment. A few months ago, I was introduced to Jaime Cross’ BecomingHER online, through a friend of mine. When I first listened to her story in a live video, I felt an immediate powerful connection to her.

Let me step out for a moment … [These past two weeks have been incredibly emotional for me.  If you want to read the beginning of week one, I posted a few thoughts “A Painful Memory, Now Becomes a Warm Reminder of Love.”  After this last week, I turned to Jaime’s podcast “the Her Effect.” I had this on my list to do. I had read the 14 Day True Beauty Challenge, but hadn’t gotten around to listen in yet.

I believe this immediate powerful connection happened for a reason. When you have gone to edge of emotion … you are vulnerable, you are raw, you are exhausted, you are emotionally drained… together all of these emotions combined with Jaime’s words were not by accident. It was on purpose…God allowed me a time to let my guard down, to open my heart and just hea her words…that ultimately said to me “you don’t need permission to WANT MORE.]

Ok, back to it – Jaime doesn’t know this … yet, but her voice… her voice is one that I would describe as having a calming effect on me, but also one that when blended with her words ignites a place in my soul. A place that I am not sure I knew existed… When I listen to her, I feel like she has unleashed this voice inside me [this place in my soul] that starts as a whisper. I respond to her with a whisper. Then by the time her thoughts have come to an end, my voice inside becomes this lion yearning to let out HER roar.

In the beginning of the podcast, I hear her saying to me…  because she is talking to ME. So at the beginning of this post, I said “that one moment in time.. or that one photo… that one thing, whatever it is for YOU, that sparks your WANT to become better… When this happens, you know. When this happens you feel it — DEEP — in your soul.  At first, you may not recognize it. For me, I was first introduced to Jaime a few months ago online. It wasn’t then that this happened…My one moment in time, didn’t happen until later this last week.. months later.

So, I hear her talking to me and she says “If you are listening to this it means that you’ve got a hunger to do something greater and you know that you are born for purpose in times such as this.” It was these words HUNGER … do something GREATER… born for PURPOSE that ignited this whisper inside me as I uttered to myself.. “Yes, yes I do have a HUNGER to do something GREATER. I have a PURPOSE…”

Over the last four years, I have started to feel this pull inside me… a pull for something MORE. I have been in education for the past twenty years. I love working with students and teachers, but the pull that I felt twenty years ago, at the age of twenty-one, that led me to education is different now. 

What started as a longing in my heart has now become a burning hunger.

When Jaime speaks about the Her Effect, the connection, I think, is so deep because she is  so raw and real… and it comes from this place in her heart and in her soul and you can hear in her voice the bursting hunger that becomes her story.

Her words, “my heart was just screaming… ‘Lord, whatever you give to me I’ll be faithful with it.” AND, I felt IT. My heart was swelling.. I wanted to just ROAR. This … I have these needs in my own heart and I want to IMPACT others and making a difference in the world.

She says she “sees mothers struggling with their purpose and I see mothers struggling because they have a passion and they feel guilty because they want to start something.. I want to build a business, but feeling the only thing I can be doing is staying at home raising babies.”

AMEN! YES! This is so incredibly true for me. I am a mother, a wife, an administrator… we hold these roles, but we what we don’t realize is that we have the right to feel and want MORE. Is this for everyone? Well, no of course not. And, you can feel free to leave my post right now. 

BUT for me… I have this creative-side, a passionate-side, a side-hustler-side, an entrepreneurial-side, that SCREAMS out and says “take ACTION! You can do MORE! You can IMPACT MORE!

The Her Effect

Jaime tells the story of how the HER Effect came to her.  She explained how she asked God to show her the most powerful women in Scripture and my heart widened.  Whether you’re a faith-based person or not … I am a faith-based woman and I leaned into her words.

She encouraged ME…”Look into the Bible, Proverbs 31, starting at verse 10. It starts with a woman who is a… she’s an entrepreneur, she’s a wife, she’s a mother. Scripture so clear says that she’s taking care of her household. She’s buying and selling fields. She’s turning a profit. The heart of her husband trust in her and she’s the crown of his life and her children rise up and call her blessed and there’s wisdom and faithful instruction on her tongue and this woman is powerful and she’s strong but she’s tender and dedicated and diligent and wise.”

This was a POWERFUL thought to me. I had never made this connection, like she made for me in that MOMENT.

[I believe strongly, with Jaime, “that entrepreneurship is the number one way to change the world and to change your family’s financial future.” I have a few businesses myself … skincare, shakes, oils, coach, yup…check, check, check]

Back to the story… Queen Esther.. Jaime’s story of the HER Effect continues “So, here’s Esther, this queen coming from this Jewish people who rescues her people, stands up in strength and courage and faces the enemy and then saves her people. So I just began to think like the Esther Effect. Then I thought the EST-her Effect. And I was like, the Her Effect.”

Her life’s work has been building a multi-seven figure, organic skincare company, which is incredible. But, Jaime’s journey of becoming HER… is incredibly POWERFUL.

So, when she proclaims, “Put your stake in the ground and remember the voice that told you who you are, really are, that you could conquer life and take the world by storm.” 

I am HERE. Standing next to HER. Not just as a mother, a wife, an educator, an entrepreneur, BUT as a WARRIOR who has found my VOICE, “ ready CONQUER LIFE and take the WORLD BY STORM.”  

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