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5 Reasons Why Keeping Hydrated is Crucial to Your Health

by Jennifer Burkhart

Keeping hydrated is crucial for your health and well-being.  So, what’s the big deal? Why on earth am I doing a Gallon Challenge every Monday? It’s simple. But, more importantly, it’s necessary to help improve your well-being. So, friends, I am sharing with you today, exactly why I choose the #gallonchallenge every Monday and how […]


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The Power of Plant-Based Nutritional Products are Changing My Life

These plant-based nutritional products are changing my lifestyle and it feels so good. On my journey of beauty + health + wellness … My hope is that you see what is working for me and feel inspired. I am coming to YOU as I am and I hope you come to my GLOW blog as […]

How To Burn Fat The Smart Way

My Journey to burn FAT started this year on January 6th. My journey to be better and share all things on my journey that encompass all aspects of beauty, health and wellness. I have dieted and tried everything, so this year, I decided that I was going to do things on this journey that I […]

Join Our Community In Glow

What is shared in GLOW? Educational tips, products and stories of beauty, health and wellness. Why should you stay in GLOW?  We all long for meaning connection and community. Together we can offer more of what we need to be better and live happier. Because I love to share inspiring resources and must-have products, for […]

The Easy Way To Get Your Fruits And Veggies

It’s no secret that eating more fruits and veggies every single day is what protects our bodies from disease. With heart disease and cancer squeezing life from family, I realize now that my journey to BETTER must include increasing my intake of fruits and veggies everyday. My hope is that by embracing more fruits and […]

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At first glance, you might think “why can’t she choose just ONE THING?” Truth is, I did. For twenty years, I have done just one thing. 

Now, I want more than to be just one thing in life. Over the last three years, I have come to realize that my unusual combination of interests and skills is actually a strength.

I am a Business Coach who helps working women entrepreneurs achieve more in their work and personal lives.

I help women entrepreneurs use Pinterest to drive traffic to their websites, generate client leads, and convert visitors into paying customers.

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When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you do good. And, when you do good, you can change the lives of others in your community and globally.


just what I need!

When you take care of yourself you create a healthy well-being. You begin to carry yourself with confidence. When your mind is healthy, you glow.


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I help women entrepreneurs use Pinterest to drive traffic to their websites, generate client leads, and convert visitors into paying customers.


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