I get it. Finding the right advice can be daunting. You've heard Pinterest is where your business should be but you don't know who to trust?

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Pinterest is a search engine. The search capability is unlike any other social media platform.


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We all need others to lean on and while I can't sit next to you to use Pinterest to build your business I can do the next best thing.

Create a safe, online community of other business builders using Pinterest for their business.

The Successful Pinner's Club in a private Facebook Group open for anyone.  My mission is to provide you with tips and strategies to help you use Pinterest to grow your business.

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Free workbooks can only go so far... that's why I created a free masterclass to share my "3 STEP METHOD FOR USING PINTEREST TO GROW YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS"

Here's What You'll Learn:
(1) The TOP 3 MISTAKES everybody makes with Pinterest and why these are costing you major profits.

(2) Secrets to get Pinterest to start working for your online business today.

(3) My 3 Step Method for generating traffic, leads & profits for your business using Pinterest.


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When I starting using Pinterest for my business, I immediately created my own planning tool.

I was constantly spending money on the cute planners, but those weren’t meeting my needs for my Pinterest strategy.

I needed the flexibility to customize it for my Pinterest needs and activity. Like most creatives, I just created my own!

The Ultimate Pinterest Planner™ was created with you in mind. I want business owners and entrepreneurs to be able to print the pages and get to work planning.

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I help business builders develop a Pinterest strategy to bring a consistent flow of traffic to their website or blog. Using my Pin to Profit Method I help you go from a few daily page views to over 100 in less than 30 days.

I believe when Pinterest is used correctly you not only will generate more clients leads but increase your conversion rate to bring more profits to your business.

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