Since I started using the UnBlemish Regimen almost three years ago, I haven't worn liquid foundation. Yes, true story. After my first 60-day UnBlemish Regimen, I was able to wear my Mineral Peptides and that was it!

Now, I am able to add Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid as my final step of my skincare regimen.  This lightweight, oil-free Glow Guard delivers a beautiful finish to my skincare routine and protects my glowing skin.

Because I personally, live with Vitiligo, whichis a disease that causes the loss of skin color in blotches, this tinted, multitasker protects and perfects my skin!

With the Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid, I am able to keep my perfectly imperfect skin with a more even skin tone even with this auto-immune disease.

Grab a sample from me and choose from 6 flexible, natural-looking shades.


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