Hi I'm Jennifer Burkhart

I’m a small-town lowa girl, an educator, and an entrepreneur with BIG dreams. I want to EMPOWER, INSPIRE and help others BE BETTER.

I am a career woman, wife and mom. Balancing the schedules of a firefighter husband, full-time Administrator, three busy children, I want more flexibility to own my schedule, and more money
to get ahead. Its a lot to juggle, but I think I have found a way to have it!

In my late thirties, I realized my face was showing stress.. can you say … emotional stress, hormonal stress, daily stress of my job, poor eating habits, lack of sleep, late nights and early mornings. Ok I could go on and on. But for real, I wasn’t going to roll into my forties a hot mess. Oh who am I kidding, I am still a hot mess, but on with my story.

I’ll never forget the morning of Day 9 on the UnBlemish Regimen. I was looking in the mirror and realized… this was the first time in my thirties I didn’t have a blemish on my face! I had always had the same 3 blemishes on my face each month.

The day I noticed my skin changing … so did my self-esteem and confidence! I couldn’t wait to share this with others. I want YOU to feel beautiful in your skin every day too… that’s why I want to share my skincare tips and favs with you.

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