Jennifer Burkhart is a One Thing Team Member, Educator and Business Coach who helps working women entrepreneurs achieve more in their work and personal lives.

Often we are so focused on visualizing what our ideal outcome looks like that we overlook the important step of breaking the goal down into bite-sized pieces so that we know how to act appropriately in the moment in order to achieve our long term goals. LEARN MORE ABOUT 1:1 COACHING

Jennifer Burkhart helps women entrepreneurs use Pinterest to drive traffic to their websites, generate client leads, and convert visitors into paying customers. LEARN MORE ABOUT PINTEREST MARKETING




Between balancing a career, family and businesses, finding time for myself and stepping out the door in style with my skin on point seems impossible, am I right? But, it doesn't have to be! I like to try & stay effortlessly stylish with beautiful skin.

When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you do good. And, when you do good, you can change the lives of others in your community and globally.

But, it isn't just our skin that radiates. When you take care of yourself you create a healthy well-being.  You begin to carry yourself with confidence. When your mind is healthy, you glow.

And, when you allow God and faith into your life, HIS light and strength will shine through you leaving a spiritual glow.


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